When I used to play disc golf tournaments, I would go to a football or soccer field to practice my throw. I found that I made the most improvement when I finally recorded video of myself throwing. I learned to throw by studying other players, by watching their form, but it wasn't until I was able to watch myself that I was really able to see what changes needed to be made... that same spirit of self-improvement, I've decided to start doing some recordings more officially and see what happens. This is a new chapter for me, but the idea of learning from this process is exciting.

The first song I am adding is the first song I really did by myself. The recording is rough, and I plan on making a better one...but for now, this is a view into what I was feeling at that time, in February of 2016. The melody is influenced by the Beatles song Blackbird. In listening to this, I am transported back to the song writing process. This was a recording I made late at night while living in a 700 sq. ft. condo. I recorded in my bathroom and was trying to not sing too loud so I didn't wake my wife. This was the first time I tried to capture the melody and the plan for the lyrics; definitely what I would call a "rough draft". I've also added my first "better" it a "second draft".

Lead Guitar. (content coming soon)